Wednesday, October 13

Family Share Plan
I'm eating carbs and not doing morning swims until this flu goes away. Today I met my mom at the mall after work so I could kick her off my cell phone plan. I've been letting her share my minutes because I normally have about 150 left over every month. Every month when the bill comes, I make her guess how many minutes she thinks she used and she always says 60. She goes on and on about how nobody knows her number and how she never uses her phone. And then she is all in shock when I reveal to her that she used 400-500 minutes this month (which causes us to go over our minutes costing me big time). I only gave her that line because I didn't want to pay the cancellation penalty to end it before contract was up. Well contract ended on Monday so I sent her on her own and took her down there to get her set up on some prepay plan.

Kitchen Redecoration
After I painted the kitchen yellow, the black framing on my pictures and the black cast iron candelabra and pot holder just didn't seem to mesh. I figured I would unify it by choosing to decorate the kitchen in yellow and black bumblebee stuff. But I can't find any. I froogled it and all and you know if it doesn't exist on the internet there is a chance it may not exist at all. The other thing I'm looking for is a new dining table set. This girl I know who we'll just call SS gave me hers when she was doing her last move. She said she didn't like it and didn't need it. She moved in with my best friend who has lots of real pretty matching furniture. So I go all the way up to SS apartment in the city to pick up this table set that she is giving me. I appreciated it greatly because I use to have this old beatup table and 2 office chairs in there and couldn't afford anything else. Now my best friend moved out and left SS with no furniture. SS is super bitter and going a little nutso with the vengeance stuff and making illegitimate threats to sue and stuff. So then comes in guilt by association. Me and my best friend are like one entity. So SS comes asking for her table set back. Did I mention that SS has so much money it is ridiculous and probably end up buying a new set and donating this one to goodwill. Well, I definitely am not delivering it to her. She'll have to come pick it up. But I figure I better start looking for an affordable back up in case she takes it.

ADD shopper
So my mom hit up all the home decor stores in the mall looking for tables and bumblebee stuff. You may start with a purpose and some clear limits, but those are thrown out the window once you reach the rare urban outfitters sale. I know I just did a urban shopping spree in Vegas, but I was so rushed. And even more stuff was on sale and cheaper at this urban. So my focus on home decor goes out the window and I blow $100 on clothes instead. So $210 total to urban in the last few days, but check out what I got in exchange and tell me this new full wardrobe wasn't completely worth it.
New Wardrobe Inventory:*3 pairs of corduroy pants in brown, green, and cream *pair of black trousers *pair of grey and white striped trousers *grey hooded long shirt/dress *2 hot little striped summer skirts in pink and grey *my favorite sweater in hot pink *2 pairs of boot socks *one pair of black flip flops with a heel *sexy and fun 70's knock off orange and pink striped strapless dress *pink ruffled butt panties *pink floral print skirt *black and white floral skirt with fluff extra good for spinning *black and white dots corduroy skirt *a suction speaker for walkmans and mp3 players
I'm such the bargain shopper! I did find the perfect dining table set, but can't afford it. 899 for the table and 238 per chair. Yikes! I may just try and recreate both the style of the table and sew the bumblebee table top stuff.


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