Friday, September 17

Where's the money at!?!
Today is friday and I don't feel like doing a whole lot. I know it's time for us to go out for a walk or something but I'll have more energy after nap. So I had been all impressed with myself for finally managing to be pretty darn financially responsible and undoing alot of the mess I had created in the past. I had a system and was paying all of my bills and usually on time. I finally opened a bank account again after going 3 years without one. And I even got a credit card (not that I use). But I think the whole financially sound thing kinda coincides with me not having stepped foot in a mall for months. But this week I went because I needed little magnets from organized living and a swimsuit from copelands. But I strayed and wandered into that store that is always my downfall... banana republic. And I only got a top and a skirt and both were on sale. So $40 spent unplanned. No big deal? Well, with me spending leads to more spending and more indulging and more comfort in it until I am dipping into money for bills. I went and bought 2 swim suits instead of one. And even though I got out of the mall, I followed it up with a trip to the grocery store where I spent way too much. You know whats cheap? carbs. You know whats expensive? low carb. But even though I avoid the over priced atkin friendly renditions of all our basics, still I get killed with the cost of all that meat and cheese. Anyways, I'm scaring myself with temptations to spend. So for the rest of the month... no mall, no target, no new clothes, no going out to eat, no hosting parties, and no grocery shopping over $20. Think I'll survive? This month of discipline gets harder and harder.

***update: just hours later (3:00) and Tara has convinced me to go out to eat tonight AND I'm making party lists and you know it's serious when it gets too paper. I have no discipline.


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