Sunday, September 12

When I say sake you say bomb! SAKE...
Man o man! Miyake's last night was the blast it promises to be and of course it doesn't matter where we are as long as I have the Hooty Hoo Crew with me. I love my friends. And even better, I made 2 new girlfriends which are always in a shortage here in the bay area. Ok, so my girl Kelly from church is always getting herself carried away and into trouble whenever she comes out with me and my friends. I feel a little guilty and a little paranoid that she's going to give me a bad rap around church as the one who parties it up and gets her drunk. The thing is I'm sober as heck the whole time and the girl is just a fish if there is alcohol in sight. And last night she refused to let me leave my friends and drive her home, so her mama came and got her and now this reflects real bad on me. I maybe have to have some sort of intervention talk with her. She's not even 21 yet. This has always been my role throughout life. The good girl who hangs with the party crowd and drags other good girls along who can't stand up to the peer pressure and end up going down hard core. I remember there was this girl Katie who had gone to Christian elementary school and jr high with me and who had been voted most likely to become a pastor. (I was most likely to own a hat store.) Anyways, in freshman year I started bringing her around the roller rink with me. And I know my friends were bad, but we were good kids and wouldn't get involved in their badness. And then BAM! Like a moth to a flame the next thing you know Katie messed around with all the boys, runs away from home, and gets pregnant! She fell fast and hard and I was completely shocked. I never succumbed to peer pressure and I just didn't realize that it really is that hard for everybody else to just say no. Well, it's a good thing I didn't take Kelly to the city. I don't know what I would do if she caught a drug addiction from my friends up there.


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