Wednesday, September 8

My extra long weekend was extra good. I took Tuesday off of work to extend into a pretty fun and productive weekend. Saturday night I went to the city with Tara and Mandy. We were suppose to party all night and crash up there, but 2am rolled around and we packed ourselves into the car and headed back home. I met the most gorgeous Brazilian guy with the hottest accent and his name was Sergio. But that's that because I did not get his number. Sunday after church I basically recouped. Sunday night I went to a BBQ over at James' house and all my friends were there and there were new people too. Later we headed to Los Gatos and Shannan, Maria, and I sang karoake at Mountain Charley's. I'm warming up to the whole karoake thing and getting over my stage fright. Monday I went up to the city to pick up a electric crepe griddle from Williams-Sonoma which happens to be right next door to the Grand Hyatt. So I took the opportunity to pop in on Billy at work. He looked so cute all dressed up in a suit. We talked some smack about Carrie and what the heck she is doing quitting and moving and stuff. Then I got this great shirt over at Urban. It says- Don't give me any drugs. I think that is hilariously appropriate for me but it could easily be misinterpreted so I have to be careful who I wear it around. And while in the city, why not have dinner with Eliza. We talked God the whole time which is cool because it's normally a somewhat politically incorrect topic for me to discuss. But she brought it up so I was glad I was able to dispel some of the confusion she had on what the Bible does and does not say. She had a troubling weekend with some overly conservative judgmental type Christian relatives over the weekend and they kinda gave her a skewed perception of what it really is all about. Tuesday I ditched work to work on the business. I registered the name and met with the dept of enviro health and the police permits dept and sjsu and scu catering heads. This is going to be a bit more difficult that one would have thought. City ordinances prohibit peddling after 7 unless to some industrial employees or on private property with a use permit that costs alot of money. I'm taking a few days to devise a new strategy before pushing forward. I stopped by Marriott to say hi to Cindy. And I took my mom to lunch. And I bought a painting for the living room and went to the grocery store and to did a target run. Can I gripe for a second about having to spend $60 on printer cartridges for my color printer which only costs $120. It's absolutely insane. Today I'm back to baby land. This was the longest I had been away from her and I thought when I came back she might have grown and looked like a different child, but she's the same.


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