Friday, September 10

Ming is bleeding from the ear again or still and worse than ever. I could take her to the vet because I actually have time this weekend but my money is tied up in returning Haylee's deposit. Oh, and I just got an email from Jaime who has accepted our offer to move in. I have all really cute roommates and all my guy friends are always asking about them. They miss Haylee, but I think they will definately approve of Jaime. She's real cute. And she works with kids too which is kinda the commen household theme. Who can I set her up with. I guess Stephanie lost her window of opportunity. I'm sure she'll land a job close by next week and then want to move in when I have nothing available again. As all my roommates meet the guy I like I always worry that they will hit it off. I am all quiet and somewhat shy around him and I worry that my more outgoing roommates will lure his attention. Not that absolutely everybody doesn't know who I like and that they are completely off limits, but still. If chemistry happens to happen, who am I to stand in the way. I'm a bit tired and I have to attempt to get up for swim practice in the morning. Night.


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