Wednesday, September 22

I've been so busy with party stuff and picking up extra work here and there. Last night was Mel's birthday party at Elephant Bar. So there is this one friend of hers named Grace that I always talk to and hang out with. I tell her about the party and get her email address to send her an invite. And when she hands me back the piece of paper I write Grace above the email address and she says to me "My name isn't Grace!" And I say... "Umm. It's not? Really? Then what is it?" Rolyn. I heard the name so many times but didn't know it was hers. I've known this girl for over a year. We've gone out to clubs. She's partied at my house. And all this time I've had her name wrong. Mel got a new digital camera for her birthday. I'm very happy for her. Today I played Karaoke Revolution 2 over at Jasper & Darica's. From now on I'm only allowed to compete in Expert level otherwise it's too easy and I always win and get gold and platinum in everything. This party is overwhelming now. I hope it's worth it.


Blogger r.bean said...

karaoke revolution? is it like dance dance revolution? is it for ps2? what kind of song base are we working with here? why drop small fortunes in korea town...this truly could be a revolution.

4:28 AM  
Blogger r.bean said...

also my mother, who named me, regularly calls me rachel. these days i respond to anything that starts with 'r' and maybe have to work on being sympathetic to people who are sensitive to wrong nameness... oops, you did it for years.

2:27 PM  
Blogger r.bean said...

hi, i'm the commenter cousin again,
just wanted to say that maybe karmically it all works out in the end since me + others still call you by a name you no longer go by? just a thought.
and a beg for pardon?

2:28 PM  

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