Saturday, September 18

Got new clothes but no where to go. So I call up Tara to see what everyone is doing, but her boyfriend Shawn who initiates all events is out of town. So we have a girl's date. Dinner and a movie in downtown los gatos. Vanity Fair- I could have done without seeing it. It reminds me of something you'd watch in english class. When the movie ends it is 10:45 and we are right next to the bar, so why not stop in for a drink. Tara and me had a blast. We danced so much and it didn't matter that it was just us. I normally would hate going to a bar with less than 3 people. I am a ditcher. I get bored and ditch my friends and walk around. Or they get asked to dance and then I'm by myself. But me and Tara were having so much fun. Then we decide to go to another bar in Willow Glen, but on the way to the car we run into Rich, Ryan, and John who are part of our normal group of about 15 guys we normally go out with. And they have this one girl with them whose name I forget, but she looks so much like Pamela Anderson. So they drag us back in and we dance some more with them and have a blast. We close the bar and then head back to Rich's new house that he bought around the block from me. Except he lives in "The Gates" which are these 3 streets with really nice houses on these huge lots. Man, his house was impressive. It is so perfect for him too. I'm declaring it our new meet up place for when we go out. I hate meeting over at Scott and Jeff's because they have dog hair all over and you spend all this time getting ready and then you get the dogs jumping up on you and getting you dirty before you go out. I think I feel like crepes for breakfast. Have a great day!


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