Sunday, August 1

This weekend I was one sick girl with one sick kitty. Kitty was bleeding out of the ear so we went to the vet and threw down some doe. Indian food on friday night was delicious but made me ill on saturday. I saw The Village and that movie is great. M Knight Shayamalan comes through again with his awesome twists that get you thinking. I love everything he's done so far. Signs is an absolute favorite. Saturday I went for hikes and pedicures with Kristen. I spent the afternoon at the vet and then went out for sushi. Today was great. Kristen (ya all weekend long) came to church and we got Kelly to come to Capitola with us. We laid out for a while and then where beckoned to Margaritaville by Woody, Shawn, Mark and friends. Woody has a beach house there so we head back to his place for some hot tubbin and check out his Yager machine. Kelly sleeps it off while the rest of us head to Paradise sushi for... get this... Woody Rolls. Woody has a roll named after him. The Woody Brazilian Girl... but I didn't care for it. I'm exhausted tonight. Sunstar left me a vm and apparently he's coming to town tomorrow. I am so excited to hang with him. But I am realistic because I do recognize that he can be a damn big flake so we'll see.


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