Tuesday, August 24

OK, I think most people who read this know me and therefore you probably already know what I'm up to. But for those who don't I'll finally fill you in ever so briefly on the business that I'm starting. It's crepes. I am going to be doing crepes out of a catering truck type deal and servicing the late night college scene and the downtown bar scene. The drunk and studying seem like a good target crowd to start with. I also may do a few business parks in the morning and the occasional outdoor festival on the weekends. Now I'm offering up this info because I need the help of the public opinion. What do I name my business? I was leaning towards Crepes & Coffee but I may not be able to afford to have the espresso machine right away so I don't want the name to be misleading in the beginning. My uncle came up with Crepes a la Carte, which has a cute french twist to it. I liked The Crepery, but it doesn't look like it sounds in my head and it's not a real word. <My cousin emailed me the correction. It's Creperie, which looked like the perfect commen sense spelling the second I saw it. Thx Rae> I also came up with The Great Crepe or The Golden Crepe. Ps... There is also The Great Creper, which again does not look the way it sounds. I don't want people to confuse me as being a creeper.

Leave me a comment or shoot me an email with your preference or any better ideas you may come up with. I have to register a business name pretty soon here. Thanks!


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