Tuesday, August 24

I'm Connected
Highlight of the weekend was buying a laptop. It's used, but it works for me. And its a dell latitude like my old one so all the parts are interchangeable. But when I took it into work yesterday, it wouldn't connect with their internet just like the old laptop. I thought the problem was my computer, but apparently it wasn't. This means there's a chance I didn't need to buy a new one. Anyways, my employers worked on their dsl and installed the needed drivers on my comp overnight and I'm finally connected at work. I finally can get things done while I'm here trapped in this house with this baby.

The rest of the weekend I was working for my clients on their house or avoiding working on my house. It's always nice to be paid to do an ikea run. Tonight Carrie is coming into town (or is she coming home? I can't tell whether she lives here or there.) Oh, forget that. She just called to say she's not coming. Big surprise!


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