Thursday, August 12

I'm always looking for unique recipes to try out and I find a plethora of recipes guest starring the likes of wasabi. These days baby girl has entered a most mischeivious state. Yesterday when I wasn't looking she shredded a whole pear using her bare hands. I need to get some proper baby proofing around that place. Haylee finally gave me her 30 days notice. I knew it was coming since she lost her job and then wasn't really trying to get a new one. She was saying she was going to get her portfolio together and focus on her photography career and in the back of my head I'm thinking "Ya, that's not going to pay the bills." I wish she had let me know sooner because Melanie hated where she moved to and absolutely would have moved back in with me. But she just finished moving back in with her ex boyfriend and she doesn't really feel like moving for a 3rd time in 3 months. So I'm looking for a new roommate. If you know of anyone, send em my way. My friend Stephanie is moving back from AZ and I'm hoping she'll move in and we had talked about it time and time before, but the chica has it stuck in her head that she needs to move home with her parents and save up some money before she can move out. I say nonsense. Live paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us. The cup full of change on my desk is my "savings".


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