Friday, August 20

I don't know why I bother. I keep making dates with this guy because I'm stuck in the memory of how it use to be. But now we've lowered the heat to a tepid cool and this game isn't cute. It's frankly quite lame. Another practically platonic evening. I had vowed to do something about it even if it meant me making the moves to ignite the flame, but I wimped out. Or was it that I was so turned off my his slightly violent brotherlike tendencies that most of my desire to highlight this guy as a romantic interest had fizzled. Anyhow, I lost minigolf and our wager was dinner. But really can I sit through one more platonic night with this guy? I'm slipping out of these jeans and into a sexy skirt to head down town. My friend (donning the same name as my date) is having a birthday get to gether and there are sure to be old friends and rivals there. I'm picking up Kristen and friends for backup. Life as well as this blog is starting to resemble Sex in the City. I think I am a mix of all 4 of them tv girls. Hmmm.


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