Sunday, August 8

40% of the US... I have very little interest in the midwest. It's either east coast or west coast. It could be good to take a cross country road trip. I haven't seen the grand canyon yet and I would like to snowboard Colorado and Idaho. I do plan to go to New Orleans soon. This will all help me make more red in my world of states.

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It was a very pleasant family reunion this weekend. The most of us that had met up since my grandparents funeral. 12 of us in total plus 1 guest. 6 were missing. I cooked up a gourmet picnic for the family and we met up at Golden Gate Park for some food and sun. It was a beautiful day. And all my little cousins have grown so beautifully over the years missed. To oblige the youngins we went to the exploritorium and goofed around there. I got myself some cool toys from the gift shop. The clans headed home and I accompanied Ray and Ez to their friend's house where I meet the most gorgeous international rockstar who hardly acknowledges my existence. We leave him behind to go get soju and snackies with the rest. Today the rest of the family who were in town left my house. It's nice to have my room back and to have a clean house again. I come from a long line of slobs. I use to be one, but I some how conformed. Ray use to be one but Ez trained her to declutter. *Yawn* Getting late here.


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