Wednesday, July 14

Tonight I headed to Sheila's new place where she fed me wonderful mediteranean food followed by a 7 mile walk and talk around Mountain View. Kristen and I ditch out on our plans to go out tonight and postpone to tommorrow. This is good because it is too soon to get drunk again. Heaven forbid I become a regular alcoholic. Highlight of the day was when Kristen called to inform me that they have opened an Urban Outfitters in Santana Row. This is my favorite store ever and I'm so excited to not have to go all the way to Santa Cruz to do my best shopping. I'm going tomorrow to get the sweater that I regret not buying last time I was there. I'm exhausted today (luckily baby was too). Last night I stayed up till 2am watching 50 first dates with Haylee and Eric. That movie was so good. I love a good ending.


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