Friday, July 2

Today has been a great day. Everything in my life is good right now. It's not just that there are no crisis at hand, but beyond that... like God is hooking me up in every single aspect of my life. I don't know what I'm doing right but I could really get use to this. Today was an awesome day. This morning I was able to go through all the business license/permit info and get a clear consensus of where I need to be starting all before nap time. After nap and lunch, baby Allison and I took her daddy to the children's discovery museum. I think I had the most fun though. I love that place. I talked the dad into getting us a family plus nanny membership. (Score!) I got off of work early with plenty of time to hit up the bank where I talked to the nicest old man about a much needed small business loan. This is where all my plans could fall apart. I'm far from being the ideal canidate. But this gentleman with only a week from retiring divulged to me all the secrets of what to mention and what definately not to mention. And he came up with a brillant solution on how to get more money than I even need and all without having to get my dad to cosign. And I think it will work. I don't see why it wouldn't. And it actually is just the most perfect (and meaningful) plan that tears are coming to my eyes just thinking about what a huge accomplishment is on the brink of reality. I leave the bank with an amazing reassurance that God is going to help me make this happen. I say all the time that life is better if you just trust God rather than trusting yourself. Because God loves us and wants to give us the best possible life we can have... better than the one we want for ourselves, better than we could even think up. And I have been very trusting and what He is lying before me is better than anything I ever thought up for myself. Anyways, I head to Polly's house to lay pergo in her kitchen and I don't even mind because I'm just so happy to have God blessing me left and right. Well, we just do the prep work so I get spared the hard labor for now and I gain work trade hours so now I am closer to having her come help me for a full day of painting my kitchen. And they call it quits early leaving me with time and energy to head up to the city to see Eliza and enjoy a little crepe inspiration. I even was able to squeeze in some business research before heading up there. Are you confused yet? Wondering what the heck I'm up to? I know. I didn't offer any details. I'm not going to yet. I'm not ready to. Still just a little protective on my "baby". It's nothing super brillant that hasn't been done before. It's just then move in life that will empower me and make me happy. I love you all. Off to dance now...


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