Monday, July 5

Oh what a beautiful morning... Oh what a beautiful day... Everything's coming up roses... Everything's going my way...
This morning I had coffee with Emilie (aka "my pastor's wife"). We discussed everything from my love life to church gossip to my business and of course spiritual stuff too. I may have my first employee. Emilie had totally came to mind and she seemed very excited about it all. She would be perfect to cover late mornings while I work. And then I took Kristen (who just moved here yesterday from New Orleans) and Nicole (her 14 yr old lil sis whose a damn picky eater and looks like she's 21)to SF for the day. I got to go to my favorite store... Urban Outfitters. I rebought the sunglasses that were broken yesterday. We tried to go to Mas Sake, but it was closed for the holiday. So we finished our day back here for sushi at Michi. Imagine Kristen and I basically forcing Nicole to try absolutely everything against her will. And now just a few minutes ago I told that great guy that I can't see him anymore. I know it's the right thing to do though. Part of me is bummed because he had that being romantic as heck thing down. The other part of me is relieved because it's not easy to do the right thing and it's done now and I don't have to be in conflict about it anymore.


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