Sunday, July 18

Nice.  Blogger just added spell checking to its features.  And there is an easy link to change the color of your text... no more guessing code.  This weekend... got red burning skin rare to my complexion, played in the beach sand with kids while freezing in the breeze, got use of that camouflage bikini, spent time both days with old friends who I don't like much anymore, obsess about the patheticness of going through an identity crisis in my mid twenties, bid temporary farewell to two great friends, moved in a new roommate, sat in silence for an hour with my dad too afraid to talk lest I start to cry, handed absolutely all my money over to the contractor working on my house, watched my old love and new love converse with their connections to my soul unbeknownst to either, made a date to play dorky board games, cleaned my house, found support and insight into a favorable plan to purchase my house, made it through the party where everyone asks what I've been up to and I opt to say nothing rather than to tell them that I feel like my life is crashing down around me.  Other popular questions that irritate me:  So what are you doing now?  Nothing.  I'm a nanny.  I have no career.  Now why don't you tell me about your successful life.  Where have you gone lately?  Ya, I know I use to jet off all over the place, but I don't travel anymore.  I'm broke and can't afford to because I pour every cent into a house that's not even really mine.  My life is now boring and uneventful.  I'm done with today.  Goodnight.
Oh... I went to see anchorman.  Hilarious! 
Goal for next week:  remember to take the trash can to the curb, sign up for health insurance, and organize absolutely everything because your house isn't really clean until your even your cupboards are tidy.


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