Monday, July 12

My computer is on the blitz. It won't connect to the internet so no posting lately. I'm working my finances to see whether I can get a new one. Hmmm... new gables on the house or new laptop? Update on life... lost 5 lbs from crying and have resolved myself to not think about it at all. The neighbors are selling their house. Maybe I can buy that one. This weekend I got legitamatly drunk for the first time... not trashed, but definately not sober. But we succeeded in our mission of landing Kristen a job at my friend's bar. At first the boys were hesitant, but after we showed them how she can hype up the crowd and get em all drinking, they agreed to hire her. I got a new roommate who is moving in next weekend. Her name is Cheryl and she seems really nice. I've bribed kitty to come home and hang out. I had missed my little girl. I thought she would ditch out today once I went to work and go back to the neighbors, but she was there waiting for me when I got home. I may have really won her back. My mom had surgury on Friday morning. They removed her gallbladder and it all went well. The gallstone she had was the biggest the surgeon had ever seen... something like the size of a raquetball. She's laid up at home recouping. That's it for now. I am heading out to go see Farenheit 911 tonight.


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