Wednesday, July 21

My client on the side bought a new house around the corner from me.  Tonight the kids and I went over to the new house to hang out a bit.  This new house is my perfect dream party house.  The house itself is smaller than their old house, but they will be adding on next year.  What makes this house amazing is the perfect party backyard.  Imagine a large swimming pool (20x40) with a diving board and adjoined hot tub.  Imagine a separate garage that has old school tile perfect for a dance floor.  Attached to the garage is a game room with a pool table and sliding glass doors that open up to the gorgeous wooden deck over looking a ravine filled with big shading redwoods.  Imagine an outdoor fireplace for making smores and having guitar accompanied sing alongs.  Imagine a full outdoor kitchen area with huge built in bbq.  Imagine a wooden gazebo to hide out in.  Imagine a huge grass section that as of today is decorated with a bright wooden play structure with swings and slides and climbing walls.  This house is so perfect in so many ways.  Just think of the party potential.  Did I mention the outdoor shower.  Well, the kids and I ate pizza and then swam until they were dead tired.  I drove them home and they were the easiest to put to bed I had ever seen them.  When they move in I will make them take mandatory 20 minutes swims prior to bedtime every time I watch them. 

I think that I have decided that although I can buy my house, I am not ready to.  I shouldn't  assume the responsibility of the house just to get the start up money needed.  Yes, a line of credit would be perfect and make everything in my life ten times easier.  But I'll just have to get an old fashion loan for now.  Maybe I can find a grant for some of it and later when I have finished having my dad replace the roof and piping and the business is going good and my credit is in better shape... Then I will buy the house and open a line of credit against it and use it to pay off my loan. 


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