Thursday, July 22

I overdosed on kettle corn and grape bubbly tonight.  I escaped early from the crib to reminisce in the corporate scene.  I accompanied Carrie to her company picnic and got a special treat in having it catered by my absolute favorite... NOLA's.  We even ran into the hot waiter whom we've dubbed as Mike Nola as if it is his last name.  Much like Nate F&A and Charles Remedy.  I decided that I still don't like most alcohol including sangria and I cheered on Carrie as she came in 3rd in the tricycle race.  I dropped Carrie off at the airport and saw my girl off to Seattle for the weekend.  I'd be pissed she's gone except my weekend is taken up in its entirety by a church camping trip.  I came home and gathered gear out of the garage and pulled every item I ever purchased at REI out for the occasion.  My roommates joined me in my room and we all caught up with another Carrie... Sex in the City season 2.  Slowly making it through the phenomenon that passed me by the first go around.  Apparently my sister is in Manhattan as I write this.  She's working there this summer.  I think this warrants a trip out there. 


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