Sunday, July 4

And the winning streak continues...
Life gets more and more and MORE amazing for me every single day!! Ok, last time I mentioned the bank's brillant plan for me to get my start up money... remember? Well, the hardest part is done. Here's the plan. The guy at the bank explained how difficult it is to get a small business loan and said it would be much easier if I could: 1. See if my dad would be willing to to put me on the deed of trust to my house so that I can 2. Get a line of credit against the house under the pretence that it is for "emergency and opportunity". This way my father and his credit is not at stake if it doesn't work out (BUT it will work out). The house is at stake, but of course I am going to pay this money back into the house because I would never do anything to jepordize this house. I love this house. I have poured my time, sweat, blood, tears, and money into this house. All my hopes and dreams are tied into it. I plan on raising my kids in this house (even though it is falling apart due to termite damage). So today after church I went and explained it all to my dad and he agreed!!!! YEAH!! This is huge for me! Not just because I get the money I need for the business, but because I will own my house. The house I love will really be mine and I will have this legal tie to it. It's kinda scary to pour so much into a home and in the back of your head you realize you have no rights to it and everything you have worked so hard for can be taken away. And this is huge for the business because I can get my line of credit and know that I did this business all by myself. I'll have support but not handouts, which is how it should be. I'm so dang excited. Happy 4th of July! God bless America! God bless my dad! And God bless you!


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