Sunday, June 27

Yesterday's adventures with Carrie- hike/run at Quicksilver, manicures & pedicures, attempt to visit our high school spanish teacher who wasn't home, eat healthy at sweet tomatoes, shop oakridge and drop $50 at old navy. I got lots of cute little t-shirts. I realize I don't have enough t-shirts and these should be my uniform seeing that I'm just a nanny and everyday should be a jeans and t-shirt day. I have the jeans, but not the shirts. Yesterday was all about South San Jose... bringing back fond memories for Carrie and I... trick or treatin, los paseos summer swim team, dmv driving tests, neighborhood slumber parties. Youth was good. And Carrie and I spent all day basically just talking about how we are the best "best friends" and how everyone is jealous of our friendship and how we are so lucky to have each other, and how bad things that happen in peoples lives really result from not having a true best friend. Like Lacy Peterson. IF she had a true best friend, then this case against Scotty would be much stronger because no doubt she would have told her best friend everything regarding what was going on in the marriage big or small. The true best friend would have spyed for Lacy and known about the affair Scott was having and would have seen this all coming and made Lacy move out or moved in with them to protect her but been discreet and said it was to help with the last month of pregnancy. Anyways, I have to get in the shower and get to church.
Sherry is pretty funny today. check her out.


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