Sunday, June 13

So I had a quite obvious epiphany this morning. Mr. Right is not going to magically appear at my house (although it happened once before). But the point is that I have to leave the house more. It helped that I went out 2 nights in a row. And Haylee is helping me get my A game on again. Tonight I worked for my new clients and then headed to a party at Melanie's. I'm trying to convince her to move back in with me... into the small purple room. She was a great roommate and part of me is just a little bit smug about the fact that her new roommates suck and that she hates it and wants to come back. Her party was great though. I won Scrabble and was awesome at Tron. And I saw tons of people I know including Toan who is going to save me with my screwed up computer. This morning I downloaded a free anti-virus software and it detected over 75,000 infected files but it would crash before it could fix them. Toan is going to fix my computer tommorrow. This will make him my ultimate hero for the year. Funny story about Toan: He was missing for hours at one of my parties when he passed out in the bushes at the park across the street. I think maybe he is a bit of a lightweight.


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