Tuesday, June 8

Last weekend was nice. I finally got my fix of Nola's (my new favorite restaurant). Carrie and I took Stephanie for her first visit Friday night. Then I crashed over at Carrie's. Saturday morning we ran to Stanford's track field and who should I see run into on the street, but Monica... my very fun but hot tempered explosive old roommate from last summer. I guess she moved back to the Bay Area after graduation. I feel bad that I did not stop to say hello to her. The last time we spoke I ended up hanging up on her midst one of her random rages. I really do like that girl though. She always down to do anything. We went to Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego, OC, SF, SC... all over the place having fun until she'd blow-up. But we always got over those. Maybe it's time to get over it again. Anyways, ran the track a bit and headed back to the house. We did a quick Ikea run, but bought nothing. Odd, huh? The rest of the night was movies and laundry. Sunday I taught Sunday school and then went and picked up 4 tix for Day on the Meadow... All I know about this concert is that Switchfoot will be there and that is all I need to know. I love me some Switchfoot. Last night I met with some new clients. They are a great family, plus they want to take me on trips with them. I just missed out on a 3 week trip to Nantucket. I couldn't have left Allison for that long anyways. But I think this family will be lots of fun to work with. And the frogs have croaked.


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