Saturday, June 12

Just my luck... Earlier in the week my ex had asked me to hang out and go see a movie Friday night. But then last night strolls along and I just don't feel like kicking it with him. So I just dont' call him and he didn't call me so by 9 I figure I'm off the hook and head to the grocery store with every intention of staying in. But then I talk to Danny and he's going to Glo. And I want to go to Glo because Melissa will be working the door and Yergo will be bartending and my friend Matt is spinning in the VIP room and I need to see Hugo who owns the place because I have his ring that I need to give him. So I get ready and go out with Danny and his friends. But naturally this results in me running into my ex boyfriend who I flaked on at the bar. I don't believe in karma, but this was just my luck. I had a good time though. I hadn't been out in San Jose for a while, so it was nice. This morning I'm feeling like I could be very productive today... not productive enough to paint the kitchen, but maybe enough to pay some bills and tackle the garage. And I still have to finish the flyer for the party (keep the 25th open). Well, productivity will start the second I walk away from this computer. So... so long.


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