Monday, June 28

Highlight of the night... finding Jackaro. This is by far my favorite band EVER. But when I knew them they went by Bird in the Hand. I just loved their music when I first heard them play in 1997 and have been kinda looking for them ever since. I use to work at Hidden Villa with Annie who is the founding member of this band. But then she moved to Minnesota for school and I couldn't find her since. And I lost my cassette tape of their album and have gone through yearly inventories of all my boxes and tapes ever since thinking that it must be around here somewhere. I hum the songs all the time in my head but can only remember parts of them. I've googled it a gazillion times and came up empty handed, but this time I took a guess on what annie's last name is and struck gold. She's moved to Seattle so I guess I won't be attending any of her gigs anytime soon, but I sent her and email and hopefully she'll be able to mail me a copy of my missing tape plus all the cd's she's made in the meanwhile. Go to the website and order them through her. It's a purchase you won't regret.


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