Sunday, June 20

happy daddy day

A little about the week... big highlight was my long lost uncle Troy popping into town. I rallied the fam for dinner and caught this act while the show lasts. We used the opportunity of family together time to do some father's day stuff. Jubilee moved in. I'm glad we'll have a little time to hang out before she jets off to Costa Rica. All is reconciled (or at least forgotten about) with Monica. We hung out all weekend long. Friday night she met up with Carrie, Patty, Ryan and I at F&A in Palo Alto... which was a BLAST! And Scott and his friends were there. And then we headed over to Q's and then to Rudy's. It was absolutely the most drunk I had ever seen Carrie. She was getting aggressive and stuff. She could hardly walk. Patty is a bad influence on her. Saturday night Monica came out to Los Gatos with us to hit up Mountain Charley's. Again it was a blast and Monica was pulling mad game. Scott and Barry met up and let me tell you that these two are just the so much fun to talk with. You know I've hung out with Scott a few times and thought he was just alright, but there's something about putting him in a bar and he just turns into a complete funny man. It made for 2 nights of very little sleep so today I compensated by sleeping all afternoon. Danny and I went and saw Dodgeball tonight. It was fantastic and that's huge coming from me because I'm not much for over-the-top comedies. My weekend was really busy though. I can't say I had much relaxation. And with Friday's party creeping I don't think things will slow down for me for another few weeks.


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