Sunday, June 27

The Goods
Today came with a taste of the good and the bad... and the bad was very bad. Shannan and I were both late to teach sunday school this morning and we both just assumed the other one would be on time so it would be no problem. Oops! The kids were very forgiving as we brought them candy bribes. I'm normally the teacher, but today I was scheduled as the assistant which means I don't do a whole lot. So I found time to give myself french braids and when I took them out this evening I was left with awesomely sexy waves. Note to self for my next date. Anyways, after church I went to togo's for lunch with Ben, Shannan, Kelly, Dallas, and John. As I'm heading home to change to go running, Carrie calls me and convinces me to wait until she's done at the mall so we can have a repeat session up at Quicksilver.
The Bad News
After dinner we get a phone call with the worst news ever. John Fernandez (our high school spanish teacher who we had tried to visit the day before) called up to let us know that he has been in the hospital all month long. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphomic cancer infecting just about all his vital organs and there is a possibility that he may not make it. We drop everything to rush to his bedside holding back the tears and doing all we can to cheer him up. He's lost 40 pounds this month and can barely walk. He's so weak and sad. He tells us how this is not the summer that he planned on and recounts his plans that he had made to go home to Spain to visit his family and detour through Europe a bit. Carrie and I went to Spain with him after graduation and met his family while we were there. He enters his second round of chemo tomorrow. We made promises to come back on Tuesday and headed to the store to create a little goodie basket for him. Please keep him in your prayers, that he'd be able to beat this into remission and keep his spirits up throughout this painful process.


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