Tuesday, February 10

Wow! Court! Parents being escorted in from the state pen in shackles, or they don't show up at all for this important hearing that may determine whether they get their child back or not, unexplained burn marks on an infant that pull baby and the 2 siblings from the home... if someone would just fuss up to what happen and who was responsible then they would get them help to reunify, but because they are playing dumb and innocent, their children will not return until they can identify the problem and fix it... and there was this cute young single guy who was in the process of adopting his sister's daughter because the sister had lost her parental rights... that was the hottest thing ever.

Cynthia and I took Allison to get her one year pictures taken. I got her this little Noah's ark toy with all these animal figurines. And a book. And lots of hugs and kisses. After work I stopped at the fabric store to splurge on a bit of fabric. But my sewing machine is on the brink so maybe I use Cynthia's while the baby is napping. If I don't have your address, email it to me. Just use the "Lizard Mail" link on the side here.


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