Thursday, February 12

So I just walked in the door to find a care package of Valentine's cookies, brownies and chocolates. And I was expecting to be left out of the whole Valentine's whoopla. No, they weren't from any suiters. It was a goodbye gift from the San Diego Marriott, but it came in a real cute picture box that I could possibly regift to someone who doesn't read my blog. I hung out with Humaro after my advocacy training. Yep, we are still friends and completely platonic... for now. I think he was kinda wanting to hang out for Valentine's despite the breakup, but no go because Carrie's in town for the weekend. Amanda, Carrie and I all just left our guys weeks before Vday so we are going to try and rally people up to hang out and do something really fun and exciting to keep our minds off of it.

So I took a moment to catch up on other people blogs this morning only to find that my roommate/tennant Melvicious Melanie has been writing smack about me and my desire to help children in the system. Don't think this won't go unchallenged, but it is so late at night right now and I'm exhausted and dirty and need to hit the shower and then hit the sack. Night.


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