Monday, February 9

She's Back!
Brianna's has come home finally. She's my invisible roommate who has basically been gone since June. She has been having back to back to back health problems and has been consistently in the hospital, in surgury, or under her mother's care. But finally she is home. She is still in pain though and their are surguries still pending for the future so we are totally still keeping her in her prayers.

So I had every intention of snowboarding Mammoth for the weekend, but now my VERY best friend, Carrie is contimplating coming to town. I was looking to escape town for the valentine's weekend, but now I guess I will stay here, admit that I'm alone and seek comfort in celebrating Vday with my favorite girl.

Friday night was Titus' art exhibit opening at Anno Domini Gallery. All these people I know becoming big time artists... so exciting... First Sherry and now Titus. I had seen his work before in his art studio, but never knew the background of it. He actually takes these old paintings that capture black history and then takes just one image out of it and paints it onto white boards. I had only seen his work out of context without any background info. You don't realize that the surreal twisting body of a lady when in context is taken out of a painting of a women who was been hung. It was amazing. And it was such a great big party... like a big reunion of everyone from our Blackford campus church. I saw all the old faces and old friends and old foes.

Saturday was reunion again at a candle party at Emilie's. My dear little Nina is 8 months pregnant. I was this girls sunday school teacher and youth pastor. She is all grown up now. My goodness, how time flies. All those yummy smelling candles got me into a good smell obsession. Last night I had every candle I owned burning bright. Today I invested in incense and holder.

Tomorrow is my dear little Allison's first birthday. I got her this Noah's Ark toy with little animals in pairs. But first thing first. I have court in the morning. No trouble... I'm observing the children's dependecy court as part of my training to be an advocate. Just when I rid my whole closet of all business clothes, I am forced to dig them out again. I'm sure it will make for a very interesting morning. To watch the fate of children and family's decided before your eyes, to hear of the horrors that have brought them to this point, to look into a case and find sympathy or repulsion and to pray that this child will be okay. In the 3 hours I am scheduled to observe the court, we will speed through approximately 15 cases. Such a small amount of time for a judge to weigh and measure each case.


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