Tuesday, February 17

Kitty's Close Call
There has been so much rain today and you know how us Californian's overexaggerate all poor weather conditions. There was emergency alerts on TV for thunderstorm advisory. And there was a significant amount of wind and rain. But I was indoors all day long with no good window views to really comprehend the magnitude of this storm. So when I come home at 9-thirty tonight I go to check on my pets... K Meow and my mom's dog, Mali, are both in the backyard. Mali's kennel has collapsed. Her blanket is out in the rain and all wet. Her little doggie jacket is soaked. Her food is tipped over and empty. And she's coughing. K Meow's food is soaked and soggy. The wind knocked over the little table that serves as a porch to her kennel and the kennel door has blown closed so that she is locked out. Her other kennel is accessible, but soaked. Kitty is very wet and the whole situation cringes me with guilt for putting her outdoors in the first place. I go back and forth, drying the dog's blanket's, restoring their food, rebuilding kennels, resetting their beds with dry blankets, tying doors open, creating better waterproof awnings, etc... all the meanwhile getting soaked beyond belief. As I am wrapping that all up, I witness Kitty fall into the hot tub, which is filled with cold green algae water. She's quick to jump out, which I am relieved to find out she can do. I've had this fear that she may fall fate to the hot tub and end up drowned like that poor black squirrel that I discovered at christmas time. Well, that water is just disgusting so I brought her in and bathed her and she is drying in my room. I'm sure she is glad to be back inside. But what if she got fleas while she was out there and is now depositing all her little friends onto my bed. I don't think I can put her back out tonight so does that make me mean to leave the dog out there? Maybe I let Mali into the garage just for tonight. Either way I will definately empty the hot tub tommorrow.


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