Saturday, February 14

Best Valentine's Ever!
There was no man wooing me and no flowers delivered and no poems recited, but this was I think the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. Carrie and I got up early this morning and started off the day with relaxing spa pedicures. We then drove over the hill to Capitola, but we stopped first at Gayle's Deli & Bakery for some scrumptious treats. I basically indulged every craving and impulse I had all day long. We got 3 desserts to share and take home. And we walked around enjoying the sunshine and shopping all day. I bought a bunch of good smelly stuff... scents are a new obsession of mine. And then I got my favorite ice cream to eat on the beach. Then we headed out to downtown Santa Cruz to check out some of my favorite shops (Urban Outfitters, Santa Cruz...) and I discovered so many great new stores today. I wish I had more time and lived closer to this little strip. It is very much like the cute quaint willow glen downtown area except bigger and better and with a Berkeley twist of being hippie filled. After all that walking around town, we headed home. But not before we hit up Willow Street Pizza in Los Gatos. And the great surprise was that our favorite S'mores dessert is back, but unfortunately we were too full from a day of impulsive gluttony to partake. Perhaps tomorrow.

Last night was a blast. We went out with Shawn Silvera and crew down in Santana Row. He introduced me to this great fruit infusion drink that basically is all vodka. It was so good and I normally hate alcohol, but I really couldn't taste it. If I was ever to get drunk, it would be off of that stuff... easily.

Make Me Day
Wish me a happy Make Me Day! What's Make Me Day? Well, it's the day my parents got busy and made me. That's right... date of conception. We celebrate it like a 2nd birthday. I get presents and all. And when I was younger, the fam would always take me out to dinner. But I phased out of that when I started to have boyfriends. It was a good tradition that I should have kept in tact, but that's ok. I had my best friend this year and I don't think I've ever loved a guy as much as I love her. (PS- we are not in any way, shape, or form at lesbian.)


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