Thursday, November 20

Reasons why my best friend Carrie is the B-E-S-T!!!
*Disney partners in crime... the only worthy opponent out there for Disney trivia.
*She can read my mind... I believe Jackson coined it as an almost visible slightly bluish tinted tube connecting your forehead to mine. Just a look was all it took.
*She sings me songs on my voicemail.
*She digs for info on guys I like and gets them to talk.
*She once broke up with her boyfriend for a week for being mean to me.
*She comes up with the best vacation ideas. We always have a blast.
*She gives me all her candy after every Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, or Easter.
*She shares her family with me so I have the brother I never had and have grandparents again.
*She makes me sociable. Without her I would know nobody. Half the people I know are through her.
*She knows how to cheer me up. When Pete and I would get in a fight and he'd leave, I would call her and she'd have me laughing in no time at all. This always pissed Pete off because 5 minutes later he'd come back and I would be laughing and smiling instead of crying like he thought I should be.
*She shares her whole life with me... she is my friend who hooks me up the most. It's not why I'm her friend, but she's always cool about getting me an invite too or a trip too because how much fun could it be if we aren't together?


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