Tuesday, November 25


My favorite picture of all of them!

It was a successful evening! Lots of friends, lots of love and no cops this time! I ended up with no band but with 9 great dj's who went on until 6:30 in the morning. People raved of the famous bean dip and all 200 jello shots were goners by the midnight hour. I thank those who came to make my day extra special by celebrating with me. Special thanks goes out to those who gave me the best gift of all... their help! Lizapalooza thanks my mom, Stephanie Walker, Kelvyn, Chris Friend, Melanie, Jessica, Gina, Samantha, Cason, Davlyn and Carrie!

Biggest and best surprise of the night was having these two sweet faces walk through my door...

Aikhong & Adam... great guys from my past. My eyes filled with tears of happiness to be reunited with my old dear friends from Hidden Villa after 7+ years. Oh my happy heart! I felt so very blessed at that moment.

I'll leave you with a few more of my favorite pics of the night. If you want more you can check the whole collection of 160 pics in my photo album.


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