Friday, November 21


So much work to do! I need to quit blogging and finish my work at the office so I can leave early and do party related stuff. First thing first... off to pick up those turntables from Kelvyn. He's the best. J-shots are made... over 200 with all types of flavors and alcohols... even some with the tough stuff... everclear! Today my focus is making art cake and cleaning/clearing out house. Tomorrow, the day, my birthday, party day, I pickup my 3 kegs (Pyramid Hefenwiezen, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Coors Light for those who care) and rearrange all the furniture in my house and possibly attempt for a nap and a pedicure, but doubtful because I have another party to make a guest appearance at in the afternoon.

Did you miss the intrenet slander-thon that was posted here yesterday? I've removed all the bad stuff now. Carrie and I went at it yesterday, but it was all in fun. I'm so proud of us that we can talk alot of smack and and dish it out with smiles on our faces and laughter in our hearts and not take offense. Because words are just words and we know we have mad love for each other and that is all that matters. I left the good stuff up. Be sure to check out why she is my girl...

Highlights of the slanderthon-
Me on her: She always takes kitty meow meow's side. She initiated "cap-on-Liz day back in high school. And She isn't coming for my birthday which made me so sad and mad because I'd do it for her and she misses all of the big parties I throw. I thought for a while she might just surprise me but now I know she isn't because she called and asked for my address so I know she is mailing me stuff instead of hand delivering it.
Her on me: I mistreat animals by losing them or forgetting to feed them. I am a pirate that raids homes of all my friends stealing their precious treasures. I can be an ungrateful freeloader. And that I am always obsessing about the bigger and better party across town.
Just to name a few, but the good stuff is still posted below. Read on to see our make up list. I didn't post the one she made. Although it was very good, I just felt like that would be a bit too self promoting for me.


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