Monday, November 17

Church or Cake?
So I have been evaluating my "to do" list and seeing if I can somehow balance escaping work and party preparation to slip away to a conference my church wants me to go to for Emerging Leaders Initiative. And just about everything could be rerouted if I delegated and didn't sleep. The only hitch is the cake. I can't premake that. It has to be a Friday night/Saturday thing. No way around it. I wish I had Sherry around to make my cake. She makes art cakes all the time. She made a beatiful cake for my cousin's wedding. Check out her other cake designs. I think I'll have to choose cake this time around and hit up the conference when it hits Portland or Seattle. It just would be better to go this time with other people from my church because next time I'll be by my lonesome and I get so quiet around strangers and all. But my birthday only comes once this year and if I over exert myself I will be sure to pass out at the party and it won't be from drunkeness... just pure exhaustion... but Carrie will tell everyone I was drunk off my *ss regardless.


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