Saturday, November 8

Bed Day. I woke up and did some writing (in bed) and then went back to sleep. Then I woke up and watched tv (in bed) and now I really just want to go back to sleep, but I think it's a little unhealthy to sleep so much. Later I'll probably go to the gym, come home and shower, and crawl back into bed. Morning Bed Activities: drafting a letter to my neighbors to apologize in advance for the noise disturbance of the Lizapalooza party and plead with them not to call the cops on me and then watching "When Harry Met Sally" for the very first time. Such a good movie. Of course it left me a little sad and longing. Like I wasn't already fairly unsatisfied with the rest of my life... all I needed was to watch a sappy love story to zero on in my lack of a love life.

Last night was a night with no plans to just kind do whatever came up. Michael took dibs so we headed out to my 2 usual bars... Tres Gringos and San Jose Bar & Grill. Ran into friends and had a good time. Ended the night with some late night grub at Cardinal and some good conversation. Michael is a good guy. He surpised me with an unexpected apology (a sign he actually stopped to listen to me and see my point of view). I was impressed.


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