Tuesday, November 18

Back to Work
I think I am out of my work slump! I have had 2 consecutive productive days and today I was able to actually stop and look back at what I've overlooked and catch up. I am currently staying late to organize these 4 huge piles of papers that have been a permanent fixture on my desktop for over 4 months. I usually don't have time or energy to file anything or organize my work space, but really it's a necessity for me to be happy.

My current company whines obsessively about my hours so I have to be sly about staying late or coming in on weekends for my big organizational projects. I would be a much happier employee if they would just stop trying to protect me from being a work-a-holic and let me do my thing. Then I probably would stop dreaming of a new job that gets me out of here. I really do like my job. I just need the flexibility to do it my way.

Back at UBS PaineWebber they never cared that every few days I would stay a few hours later than I should just to organize. There were many days when I would organize my office into the wee hours of the night. Just me and the janitors and occasionally Jonathon Schiff, a broker who was also fond of the late shift. And I would always end up getting locked out of the office when I would break for the restroom because I didn't have the security access to be there that late. And maybe this sounds a little obsessive to you, but that doesn't matter. I was happy. I wasn't drowning in paperwork like I am at Marriott. Ok, that's my rant for the day. Ironically, I think I started writing this one with intentions to go back to glorifying my job. Whatever.


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