Wednesday, October 8

Today I had good karma... kinda. I was a very good girl last night and was very disciplined and today I was rewarded kinda. Back to this pic of the governor. I think it is disgusting. This is not the way the human body is suppose to look. I don't find all those muscles at all attractive. And look at how insanely small his waist line is. He looks like a circus sideshow freak. Now I have muscle bound guy friends that tell me how the girls really dig the huge muscles and all. I don't understand this because I don't know a single girl who is into that. Who are you out there? And what the heck to you find attractive about disgusting veins protruding from below the skins surface and bulging hard bodies? Which by the way are no good for cuddling up with... who wants a rock for a pillow?!? Anyways, I am off to try and build myself a tv stand. Wait, let me consult my post it note to do list. Is that really what I'm doing tonight? Yep, that's right. Hmmm. Well, upside: I get to hit up the fabric store after I get the wood cut.


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