Friday, October 17

Some of my Childhood Experiences that made my youth extraordinary...
~My best friend gave me a pony at the age of 7.
~I had a three story tree fort.
~My dad had a limousine business and would take me and my friends to places like the pumpkin patch and the movies in it.
~I went to hippie camp during the summer where I would live and work on a farm.
~I became the junior high youth pastor at my church when I was only 15 years old.
~I lived in the country and played in the woods and at the creek with pets and leaves and twigs as toys.
~I ran away from home to live with my horses.
~I had an imaginary friend named Okio (because I couldn't say Pinocchio).
~I had a speech impediment.
~I had no boundaries. I was allowed to go as far as my bike could take me.
~I went to an all girl high school.
~My neighbor was the NAACP president and I would spend countless hours playing with all her African cultural artifacts.


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