Wednesday, October 22

Regretting Making the Cut
So I've been itching for change in every aspect of my life which is easier said than done. So basically I took all this stirring energy out on my hair. I had an appointment with my life long hairdresser (15 years together). My intention was to perm the bottom half of my hair so I wouldn't have to spend a half hour curling the ends every morning, but she explained to me that I would have to use the curling iron anyways. So I decided to get bangs. I haven't had bangs since I was in 2nd grade. Well maybe there was a brief period in 6th grade when I had them. It was the hair-bear era. Well, yesterday it looked real cute. See the pictures below... I'm smiling. I thought it was cute....

Until this morning when I got out of the shower and tried to replicate what my hair dresser did the day before. Ya, that didn't go to well. I tried curling, rewetting, redrying, twisting, reparting, retrimming, straightening, and everything else, but no good. Finally I got them to kind of blend in with the rest of my hair and just pretend they aren't there. I was literally in tears with frustration. I hate my bangs. It was a complete mistake that I now get to live with for 6 months until they grow out. And I'm so disappointed that my hairdresser would give me something as horrible as bangs. She should know I couldn't handle these. She stops me from dying, cutting, or perming my hair, but she gives in on the bangs. Doesn't she know me better than that.

My mom took my car and my kitty this morning. Kitty is going on her first road trip to visit my nephew and neice. Look how big kitty meow meow has grown to in such a short time. She was as big as my hand last week. Now she is as big as my foot. I call this picture "Brown".


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