Thursday, October 30

Plannning my Escape Route... So I spent yesterday beautifying my resume and there are a few jobs I found that could be cool. Two of them are at companies I use to work for so that could be an easy transition. I think what I really want (but would never happen) is to be laid off so I can collect unemployment for a while and work on home projects. I know this is a rare and foolish desire to have in the Silicon Valley, but I could really just use some time to be domestic for a while. And this job is driving me into a depression of some sort. Not that I'm really depressed, but I tend to keep subconsciously sabotaging my current situation. Sherry use to not work in a work setting and they just kept her around until finally they let her go about a month and half ago. And it all worked out. Now she is a FAMOUS ARTIST! Her stuff is selling and she has 2 shows coming up. Self sabotage worked for her, but my company would never let it work for me. I really don't need that much money in life. My only bills are my cell phone and my car payment. I think the only reason I have to work is to support my car which I wish I didn't have to have. I know I have written before about how terribly unimpressive our transportation infastructure is. My car is costing me an average of $750 per month. The monthly cost of transportation via NYC subways averages about $200... a completely attainable figure if I was on unemployment. It would be even less because I could cut out the cost of going to work and back. But here I have to have that car. No debate about it! The situation here is that even if I don't work, there are still too many places I have to go to that are unattainable via public transportation. The 20 minute drive turns into an hour and a half bus ride with 3 transfers and a .8 mile walk. Ridiculous! Anyways I am about to send out this resume out for "my childhood dream job" so wish me luck!


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