Sunday, October 5

Organized Living!
Once again I was feeling claustiphobic in my own bedroom. I was drowning in clothes and papers and product. And I think I wasn't very fung shui in my set up. So the whole entire weekend was devoted to creating a remedy. On Friday I bailed on going out and watched football at home alone instead (believe it or not). After NY I could use a down weekend and I was inspired to get rid of everything! It was good to see that my "East Coast Ambition High" hadn't completely worn away. I only managed to gather 2 garbage bags full of stuff to ditch though. Saturday morning my mom made the mistake of stopping by. I put her to work immediately shuffling things around in the garage and bedroom. By the end of the day all my furniture was rearranged, and I just needed to rebuild my cubicle shelves in the garage for my clothes. This morning after church I dragged my mom to home depot, target and starbucks (I still hate coffee, but I am all about tea now... preferably camomile or peppermint). $300 later I have all types of silver and iron organizational accessories and a room that is looking quite liveable. My printer miraculously healed itself. I merged my desk and vanity. I doubled my mirrors in the room. And my bed was finally given the central location it deserves. I am trying to break myself out of this habit I have of sleeping on just one side of the bed. I'm single. I should be using my whole bed. I want to be able to sleep in the middle. Also this weekend I upgraded my cable package. I stayed up til 4 in the am the first night having it. This will be the end of me. G-nite!


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