Wednesday, October 1

New York was almost like going to a different country. It certaintly is a completely different culture. The daily differences in life are amazing. Some lend themselves to my liking and others make me greatful to be living where I do. But I did catch a glimpse at why these east coasters have such a regional self pride and why they consider the lifestyle of us westerners... well, stupid!

What I admire most and wish we had here was their amazing transportation infastructure. That one thing alone changes so much of their world. And our lack of an equal can be blamed for many of the western features that east coasters find so disgusting in us. My cousin-in-law seems to reiterate this notion of the fat, ugly, stupid, over sensitive, wasteful west coast population. Well, let me tell you that without that magnificantly efficient subway system hyping up their infastructure, their population would develope alot of the very same characteristics.

Sure we buy alot of excess stuff and are wasteful in that aspect, but at least we are obsessive about a clean environment and recycle religiously. I would be a minimalist too if I lived in their community. Here we live for the weekend run to costco or ikea so we can do our mass bulk shopping blowing hundreds in just one shot. But it is ludicrous there because you only buy what you can carry home and their homes are so small and without storage that you can't have anymore than the essentials around. But shopping is easier there because just about every store you need is in between the subway stop and your 6 block walk home. And our western population wouldn't be so fat either if we had to walk as much as they do on a daily basis. And then I realize for a second how it must be for them in the winter when you add the snow and rain and harsh winds to the whole factor. It reminds me of a "When I was a kid I had to walk..." type of story. No wonder this region of people can be hardened callous and rude. Not to say that they all are, but they don't think twice before they pipe up and give you a peice of their mind every once in a while.

And all that walking around town provides so much time for self reflection, to contemplate the world around you, observe people and systems around you and evaluate all things. You find the time to not only see the need and create the dream to fill it, but the time also to develop the plan, etch it into your mind and future, network it into those around you, and actually build a coalition to bring it to fruitition. NY made me so motivated, but now I am back to my world with no free time to just think. I found more peaceful silence in 5 days in that loud city than I had found in the last 9 months since I moved back here from Newport Beach.
God bless New York and the dreams it harvests.


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