Thursday, October 23

Moving on to Plan B
Well my perfect little weekend plan had a glitch. This glitch that screwed everything all up was that the airline voucher my sister sent me expires 10/24 as in tommorrow. So I can't fly out Saturday morning. I have to fly out Friday and the last flight out is at 5:30. So then all of a sudden I am in the position to choose between here and there.

Here... great party on Friday with lots of friends, a baby shower on Saturday and a birthday bash with close friends Saturday night and maybe even a little productivity on Sunday... OR There... Go out for Tim's Birthday on Friday, Seamus' Birthday and family time on Saturday, Go out with Sunstar (haven't seen one of my best friends in months), Tim, and my sister Michelle (who I also don't see often) on Saturday, Go to my old church, make vacation quota.

So I called Chris and told him I wouldn't be able to make it tomorrow. Possibly the wrong decision but you can't go living your life in regret. So instead I went out with the boys tonight. We hit up the V-bar in Santana Row.

Me, Ben, James, Chris, & Will

I had a good time because I was with good guys... guys who impressed me with their behind the scenes conversations. I was so impressed by the glimpses of compassion, fashion, humor, monogamy and paternal instincts that peeked out of each of them. It's 1 in the morning and I have to go pack now because I'll be leaving straight from work to go to the airport.