Saturday, October 11

Melanie is so good for me! She totally drags me out of the house. Half the reason I have a social life is because of her. The other half is because of Carrie. If it weren't for them I would never leave the house, let alone my room. Thursday night Mel & Gina take me to a new club, Elements. It sucks. If there were more people it wouldn't be bad though. After Mel's had a few AMF's I get them to go down to SJB&G where of course I see Freddie & Dave. But Dougie Fresh is missing from the mix... where's that boy now? We go check out Dave's new bar that he conveniently opened right next door to his old bar. Amazing that both are completely packed. Tres Gingos has a margaritaville style that reminds me very much of Sharkys in Newport Beach. One club blaring alternative/classic rock and the other blaring Hip-Hop beats. And if you aren't into either of these, he also has Voodoo Lounge at the end of the block. Put all your clubs on one block so you can manage them all at once. Smart Dave. I'd love to one day see him broaden his horizons beyond 2nd Street.
Gina, Melanie & Me

Freddie & ME & Dave

Then once again last night Mel drags me out with her and Don. Yummy Chevy's and then to Palo Alto's Q. Good times. I like that place because everybody seems to just be there to have fun and not so much to get their mack on.