Monday, October 13

Kitty Meow Meow's Big Adventure
This cat wakes up to the sound of my voice. Damn! It looks like she wakes up to the sound of the keyboard too. Anyways, she sleeps all day but the second I come home she is up and acting all inquisitive so I feed her and pack up a little bag of kitty essentials and take her down to SWIG Hall at Santa Clara U to visit Jessica. Well, it doesn't take long for Kitty Meow Meow to command the attention of half the dorm floor. Once everyone has had a chance to pet, feed and coo kitty, she then escorts Jess and I to fro yo before we bring her back home and put her to bed.
So my cat is amazing. She just got up and out of her bed, went to the litter box and did her business and then went back to bed. She is potty trained already. Yes! My kitty is so smart!


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