Thursday, October 30

Inventory of Damages
Damages to my pocketbook that is! Today was payday. Here's where my money went tonight:
*batteries and lightbulbs
*assorted fruits and cheeses
*new contact lenses
*2 pairs of pants
*4 pairs of shoes
*2 pairs of nylons
*Brooklyn marathon 1977 t-shirt
*2 eyeliners, a lipstick, eyeshadows, and fake eyelashes
*feather boa
*garter belt (obviously part of my halloween costume)
*white patten leather neck tie
*jelly bracelets

ER makes me happy.
Whoa- I just turned around and little kitty meow meow has managed to jump all the way up on my bed. She shocks me everyday. All this naughtiness... If the squirrels in the backyard weren't hunting her, she would definately be an outdoor kitty. She has just jumped up on the bed 20 times despite the fact that I ssshhh her off immediatly. She's not getting it. Why is my kitty so bad?


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