Monday, October 20

I hardly ever leave my office for lunch, but today... the one day I go home for lunch... And in the 10 minutes that my counterpart was downstairs, Sombody came up to my office and stole my Renaissance Clubsport Mirror that I keep on computer. I need that thing so that I can spy on who is coming up behind me and check my makeup and know when I don't want to turn around and make eye contact because it's the chatty security guard. This is the second time that the mirror has been stolen. They were given to my team in a promotional packet, but everybody else works from home, has company laptops, and doesn't use theirs. Last time I had to search my team for somebody who still had theirs. Luckily, my Sacramento girl had one and brought it to me the next time she was in town. I don't think I'll be so lucky this time to replace it. I have other interesting toys on my desk that nobody ever bothers with. Why not take my UBS boat ruler or my San Jose Marriott picture holder or my Marriott squeeze cube? Why the mirror? The one functional trinket on my whole desk. Why?


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